Kimberly Payne has created and directed five arts education and advocacy departments which remain in profitability and effective service today.  She provides clients with levels of expertise that are financially feasible for the time period they need help and sets them into motion for a future filled with success.  Team development and preparation are an area of strength. Your organization will benefit from Kimberly’s warm style of inspiring the future.

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“I have been fortunate to work with Kimberly a few times over the past 10 years or so through my positions as the ed coordinator at the county arts council and as an art educator in the public schools. Kimberly has a wonderful, thoughtful program that integrates geometry and math learning standards with movement and dance. The students adore her and she is knowledgeable and easy to work with from a staff/teacher viewpoint.”

Sarah Schumaker, Art Educator at Plain Local Schools and Curator at Malone University


robb hankins“Kimberly is such a professional. She is so organized, and everything she does is planned. I know Kimberly most for her amazing dance work, but she is a great example of someone who worked in the arts and been successful — is ready to do great work in any field. Creativity. Organization. Great people skills. She’s got ’em.”

Robb Hankins, CEO ArtsinStark


“Kimberly is an amazing creative visionary who comes from a discipline of dance that is diverse and all-encompassing of various genres. She is also highly talented in event coordination, marketing, publicity, etc. she is multi-talented and multi-faceted from creative to executive level decisions.”

Mari Moss, Marketing/Public Relations, Government official in Manhattan Board 10


Ginger Biss“Not only does Kimberly have impressive technical skills, she is a gifted instructor — including “train the trainer” instruction. Additionally, Kimberly has great organizational management and planning skills. It is rare to find this solid combination of right brain/left brain balance in creative instruction and management. Kimberly clearly has it. I can tell you this: when you do find it, it’s an incredible asset!”

Ginger Biss, Writer and Producer


Lauren Stenroos“Kimberly has always been wonderful to work for. She is extremely knowledgeable, organized, and empathetic. I have gained confidence as a dance instructor from working under her at Wayne Center for the arts because she is always supportive, honest, and offers constructive criticism in a very clear and articulate way. She is also genuine and cares deeply about the people around her in a work environment which serves very well for the overall morale of the organization.”

Lauren Stenroos, Professional Dancer at The Cleveland Ballet


“Kimberly is a hardworking and trustworthy leader. She demonstrates sincerity and genuinely cares about others. Kimberly has a servant’s heart and that is the primary reason she is so effective in her leadership.” 

Beth Shelton, Graduate Student at Malone University