Seville Arts Project makes a Splash!

The Seville Arts Project is an expressive arts group.  Students meet weekly to use the arts to make friends, feel better about life, and learn how to make positive choices.

Reaching Hearts with the Power of the Arts

The Arts Conservatory at Camp NEOSA (Salvation Army) is a fundamental time in super-charging leaders and students alike.  The group annually hosts a Star Search Competition allowing all the students in regional arts ministries to be adjudicated.  The Arts Conservatory is a week for students and group leaders to come to the beautiful camp center…


Meaningful change in heart, body, and mind takes time, but it all starts with one brave leap forward.  When you do, you say to yourself: I am bigger than the fear that’s holding me back, and I am ready to reach for more.

Sculpt a Stronger Core

“How?  With 10-second plank intervals.  ‘It’s a safer, more tolerable way to extend the total training time, fiving your core a challenge without putting your back at risk of injury.’  says Stuart McGill, PhD, a professory of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada.” December 2013

Dance Club Class

Click Link to watch Dance Club Combination Video This past Wednesday I had the happy opportunity to teach a beginners Modern/Contemporary Class to the Dance Club at Malone College.  I’m excited the group is formed and I can see they will accomplish many great things for the artform of dance.  They are devoted to flourishing…

Fall Dance Classes

The beginning of Fall….While there are days when the soft light shines through the sunflower stalks and I think, “It’s a fresh new year”. The crisp new beginning of the school year more often shows it’s arrival by the smell of soft leather ballet slippers. ” What level will I be in?  Who will be…

Recapping the Summer

This Summer offered a variety of stamina building and endurance training.  While the heat was a bummer to most Ohioans…the dancers can stretch farther and train better in the heat.  This was something I looked forward to each day. MOVING TO MATH WORKBOOK DRAFTED: In the beginning of the summer I met up with Lighthouse…

Online Exercise Class – BALLET

“Fitness pros are making it easy to get celeb-caliber workouts at home!  The latest innovation is live online classes.  Roll out of bed, turn on your computer, log onto ad take a dance-fitness class with Mary Helen Brown in her N.Y.C. studio – she’s Natalie Portman’s trainer.”  Katie Dickens

Summer Dance Camp

This will be the first year that I’ll be teaching a Summer Dance Camp  Please pass the word! Directional Dances: In dance, like music, there are movement scales for learning and perfecting technique.  In music we are familiar with Do, Rae, Me, Fa, So, La, Te, Do.  In dance the movement scale is up, down,…