Kimberly Crislip Payne, CMA, CPT, CPC



Kimberly Payne is the Dance Coordinator at Wayne Center for the Arts.  Kimberly has a certificate in education from The Scandinavian Institute for Physical Culture in Denmark, dance from The University of Akron , and attends Malone University’s graduate program (Graduation anticipated May 2019).  Kimberly designed programs for The Canton Ballet, Kent State University, Living Fountain Dance Company, Edgewood Community Center, First Friends Church, Arts in Stark, First Baptist Church of Seville, The Arts Academy at Summit, and Wayne Center for the Arts as a leader.  Kimberly danced with many several famous dancers around the world such as Meredith Monk, Craig Patterson, Patricia Lent, Susanna Chaffey, Jennifer Way, Milton Myers, Luigi, Cyrus Glitch Spencer, and Dianne McIntyre. She performed professionally with Leaven Dance Company, Ohio and Lori Belilove & Company, New York.  Her repertoire includes 53 multimedia dance concerts, including 5 live music projects, and 3 accompanied by symphony. Kimberly has been passionate about education of the whole person through the arts her entire life. She has taught about this through a variety of workshops and lecture demonstrations for 30 years. This year she visited nearly 2500 students throughout Wayne County Elementary Schools for #TuTuTuesday.  During the visit Kimberly had members of the Wayne Center Ballet demonstrate the correlation between mathmatics and dance.

Because integrating movement into academics and personal wellness was the key to her success in learning, she enjoys exploring & creating new programs for helping students through the arts. She loves Neuroscience and the fact that movement is medicine.

As a guest248086_671527062862980_1033802297_n artist Payne has given lecture demonstrations at  Kent State University; Gymnastikhoskolen in Viborg, Denmark; Muskingum College; Malone University; The University of Akron; Walsh University; Mount Union College; Portage Collaborative Montessori School; Plain Local School System; Minerva School System, and served as adjunct faculty at Kent State University Stark Campus teaching studio dance courses.

Payne’s integrative arts courses have been conducted at Arts in Stark, The Arts Academy at Summit, Portage Collaborative Montessori School, Minerva Local Schools, Lighthouse Ministries, First Friends Church, Middlebranch Elementary School, Avondale Elementary, Camp NEOSA, and Akron Public Schools.

In 2004 Payne created the Puremovement program for expressive group therapy practices in movement.  This program has seen dozens of teens find freedom from anxiety, depression, and confusion.  The program is currently in session in Seville, Ohio in the form of the Seville Arts Project.

Payne’s Choreographic History

Payne was the founder of the Living Fountain Dance Company.  The energy of The Living Fountain Dance Company was to nurture the gifts, talents, and lives of its students, teachers, friends and company members. For nearly fifteen years the work of the directors and a core group of professional dancers served the needs of Canton communities by offering classes, workshops and concerts. The mission of LFDC was to use dance and other art forms to explore social, ethical, and spiritual issues.

Under Payne’s direction Living Fountain Dance Company custom designed movement education programs for SMHA, Massillon Recreation Department, Malone College (service learning tour in Simpferopol, Ukraine), First Friends Church, Edgewood Community Center, and True Impact (a motivational assembly touring Stark Co. middle schools). Payne retired from directing the Living Fountain Dance Company in 2007 having produced 53 dance or multimedia concerts for over 15,430 audience members.  As a free-lance artist she began working as a personal trainer and choreographer.  In the Fall of 2009 Payne began writing a curriculum for teaching elementary geometry through movement.

Past Repertoire

After All

Music By: David Crowder Band

Night Light
Music By: Adam Cord & Benjamin Payne
Christmas Favorites set to the American Finger Style Guitar work of Adam Cord and the celebratory hand-drumming of Benjamin Payne – dancers offer a playful and touching expression of their Christmas joy.
Music By: Deep Forest
A favorite of audience members! The concert begins with two bugs meeting for the first time. Powerful and mischievous music lights up the stage as these dancers transform from caterpillars to butterflies, spiders, night birds, and trees. The concert carries hidden meanings about protecting our environment and celebrating creation.
Music By: David Crowder
Living Fountain Dance Company pulls out all the stops. The dancers use pedestrian movements and merge through modern dance, ballet, and hop-hop jazz dance styles. This concert is sure to satisfy the diverse audiences the group attracts. Unity and Fusion happen as this concert clearly impacts the heart with things the mind has trouble grasping. (4 selections equaling 20 minutes.)
Tangle with the Ghost
Music By: Jory Nash
Tangle with the Ghost is an energetic portrayal of the quest to understand the spirit of human nature, these dancers use slap-stick and jovial modern dance to encourage the rest of us along the journey to celebrate life and all of its mysteries. Choreographed to the music of Jory Nash, a Canadian Folk singer, this concert will follow you home as you bounce away.
What if You Believed in Yourself? also called: PUREMOVEMENT
Music By: Thomas Krenzel Doggett
A full ballet to Improvisational Jazz Music the concert is performed live with Tommy D playing Saxophone, Flute while using Sequences and Loops.  Dancers weave in and out of choreography and improvisation.  The process is the purpose.  During this full-length show the dancers, musicians, and audience members realize that they can, indeed, overcome any obstacle in order to reach their dreams.   Performed in the ROUND!  Terrific in Gallery Spaces.
Color of Hope
Music By: Mary Puseteri, Benjamin Payne, and John Tummel
The Color of Hope starts as pink – but quickly diversifies to the whole color spectrum.  Dancers are dressed in pink camouflage and are accompanied by women who reveal themselves to be Breast Cancer conquerors.  Throughout the show the women share testimony of how their friends and family supported them as they battled Breast Cancer.  Highlights of the show are; a hair-cutting ceremony, live music, and Breast Cancer Survivors joining dancers on stage.
The Elements
Music By: Various Artists
The four elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind are represented through poetry, dance, and the visual arts of Randall Slaughter.  Exciting, Grounding, Transforming, and Inspirational are all qualities of the 40 minute production.  All the earth works in harmony because the four elements are respectful of one another.  When we liken our personalities to the 4 elements we have a visual education on living in harmony with one another.

Dances of Time
Music By: Adiemus  Historically, dance has found expression in an infinite variety of styles or forms, ranging from solemnity of a religious rite to that of the fancy free.  Dances of time is a historical study of the relationship between music and dance.

The War of Art
Music is under construction
Resistance is the only thing between an artist and their creation.  Overcoming resistance in order to create is an art form of it’s own.  Living Fountain enlightens the tricks of the trade and inspires audience members to step out and try something new.   Those audience members facing resistance of any kind will walk away knowing that nothing is impossible.
Student Choreography Project
Music By: Various Artists
Living Fountain prioritizes the choreographic process in education.  Students attend 6 weeks of improvisation and 6 weeks of choreography during a 30 week school year education.  The dance pieces created during this time have revolutionalized our stage.  We prioritize setting the lights towards young artists and giving them an opportunity to shine.

Conversations on Creativity
Music By: NPR Interviews and Various Artists
Creativity…What is it?  Where does it come from? How does it work?  This 4 movement piece highlights the innovation of Jimmy Landry, a 7 year old boy, who designed…”The bullet Grabber”, and several famous artists as well.  These include; The Beatles, The Guarnari Quartet, and Dave Brubeck.

Special Performances

Special Performances are pieces under 10 minutes.  The majority of the numbers are 4-5 minutes long.  A special is perfect for churches, corporations, and festivals.

Share the Well ~ Music By Caedmons Call

While water is not available to all people, we can help bring water through love, charity, and awareness.  This piece is a great kick-off for anyone launching a well-digging mission.

If I Stand (Classical & Contemporary Versions) ~ Music By Rich Mullins or Jars of Clay

Dancers take a stand on the promise that God will see them through.  Offered as a classical solo or contemporary group number this piece always bring revitalizing strength to the audience.

Let the River Run ~ Music By Carly Simon

A signature number for Living Fountain.  The lyrics dance along as a movement prayer, “Let the river  run, let all the dreamers wake the nations, come, the new Jerusalem.”

Tibetan Freedom Dance ~ Music By Alanis Morisette, U2, and Poetry

The Tibetan Freedom Dance is a call to be proactive and to not participate in the violence created by materialism. This number serves to raise awareness about the oppression found in everyday life.  It’s especially good for World View class settings and Young Adult meetings.

State of Emergency ~ Music By Biork

Set to the technological innovation of Biork, this piece reveals that while we are struggling here on earth, there is a spiritual realm around us.  The seemingly solo dancer is lifted and caught by those angels who support her in life.

Bang Zoom ~ Music By Bobby McFerrin

This is a happy and silly dance where the dancers celebrate good music and fun together.

The Cage ~ Benjamin Payne, Instrumental

All of us feel trapped inside a cage.  Learn how one dancer’s discovery can lead everyone to using an age-old key to unlock their true potential.

My Many Colored Days ~ Classical Music Exploration

Using brightly colored scarves dancers paint the stage with music and emotion.  Perfect for children of all ages.

No Way ~ Tye Tribett

This Hip Hop dance will get audiences excited and happy.  Lyrics are “There’s no way I can make a move with out you!”

Comparsa ~ Deep Forest

A favorite of audience members! The concert begins with two bugs meeting for the first time. Powerful and mischievous music lights up the stage as these dancers transform from caterpillars to butterflies, spiders, night birds, and trees. The concert carries hidden meanings about protecting our environment and celebrating creation

Holy Fire ~ Stan Hinshaw

Dancers are consumed with their passion for Holiness.  The piece lights up a dark night and is great for candle-light or memorial services.  It’s been used to remember those who have died from AIDS and it’s also be used to introduce sensitive moments of worship.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ~LA Guitar Quartet

Dancers are costumed in pajamas and wake like children during the night to explore the adventures for the dark.  Using contemporary ballet and partnering the audience will be laughing by the end.

New Beginning ~ Tracy Chapman

If you can walk you can dance.  This piece will show you how.  Designing patterns though out the stage the dancers surprise you with the artistry of putting one step in front of the other.

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