4 Reasons to Cheer instead of Whine

It’s easy to get into a whining habit.  It’s harder to get out of habitual complaining, over-analyzing, and being a fussy grump. Here are 5 reasons to start cheering!

  1. You’re not alone.  Even though you might think you are, you’re not. It’s time to pick your head up and start cheering others on.  You know it can be super rough to stay positive.  Now is the time to put on a hat, walk out of the house, buy 2 cups of coffee, and take one inside to a lonely entrepreneur.
  2. The natural environment exists. Gloomy day, so what! We can miss the beauty of nature if we neglect to look.  Even a cold, wet day can bring so much happiness to your soul if you choose to expose yourself.  Fresh air makes your lungs feel good.  It will also mean a lot more to see spring sprout if you’re allowing your eyes to spot dead leaves disintegrating.
  3. There are always more things to perceive.  Thank goodness everyone is not the same.  Go listen to someone else’s perception of a situation.  Our minds are always active, so it’s very good to input the same thing from different points of view.  When you feel frustrated from waiting in a line for a long time, ask the other’s in line how they are.  You may overwrite some of the reasons you were considering your pout face.
  4. Books.  They are here and available! You can go anywhere in the universe with adventurers.  You can sort out the box of memories.  You can investigate the mystery of angel touched candles.  These handheld devices bring a wealth of hope and peace.

If the holiday stress begins to rise and it’s rough, I hope you will remember some of these stress relievers.  Happy Holidays!