17 Great Habits for the New Year

Eat less junk food! Make a single goal per day. Exercise 4 times a week. Listen to audio books Make a to do list. Read 2 nonfiction books a month. Have your kids volunteer for good things. Send Birthday cards. Write goals. Read 30 minutes a day. Keep skid chains on your tongue. Network for…

Ginger-Eucalyptus Massage Oil

To ease tense, sore muscles ~ 2 cups almond or olive oil 2 Tbsp dried coarsely ground ginger 24 drops eucalyptus essential oil Place the almond oil/olive oil and ginger in a slow cooker and cook 6-8 hours on low, stirring and checking hourly to make sure oil is not burning. Turn off heat and…


10 Minutes ~ “That’s how little meditation was needed to reduce food cravings through guided imagery.” Prevention.com December 2013

Definition: Sweatworking

“Meeting to network over exercise – such as a walk, run, or group fitness class – instead of grabbing drinks or dinner.  The shared experience creates a trusting bond without happy hour’s calories (or verbal slip-ups).” Prevention.com December 2013

Jack Up Calorie Burn

“Try these fun variations of an old-school favorite.  Do each move for 1 minute, resting 15 seconds after each exercise.”  Prevention.com December 2013 1.  The Classic – Stand with feet together, arms next to body at sides.  Jump legs out while bringing arms out and over head. 2. Plank – Start in push-up position. Jump…


“350 mg: That’s how much caffeine~ just over 2 big cups’ worth ~has been shown to help reduce muscle soreness when taken before a workout.” Journal of Stength and Conditioning Research  


Power Up Your Playlist “Your playlist can do more than motivate you during workouts: A consistent steady beat can help you run longer and more efficiently, according to new Dutch research.  Picking up your step rate just 10%…say, from 150 beats per minute to 165 can reduce stress behind the kneecap by 14%, says a…

Sculpt a Stronger Core

“How?  With 10-second plank intervals.  ‘It’s a safer, more tolerable way to extend the total training time, fiving your core a challenge without putting your back at risk of injury.’  says Stuart McGill, PhD, a professory of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada.” Prevention.com December 2013

The Way to Better DNA

“Men with early-stage prostate cancer who adopted a diet heavy in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, exercised daily, and reduced stress with meditation and yoga actually lengthened their telomeres by 10% in 5 years, says The Lancet Oncolgy.  Telomeres, attached to your chromosomes, are a measure of genetic health and shorten due to disease and…