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Arts Integration Captivates Students

The Kennedy Center’s Arts Edge cites, “While the concept of arts integration is not new, there is an increased interest and a growing number of programs and schools focusing on arts integration. Why are educators showing this interest? There are two predominant reasons:

1. Arts integration practices are aligned with how students learn. 2. Arts integration energizes teachers by providing increased professional satisfaction.”

It is my joy to offer K-6th grade integrated lessons in Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science that correspond to the ODE Academic Content Standards through DANCE

The schools that participated in the Moving to Math program have shown an increased level of proficiency in Mathematics since its design in 2009.  Portage Collaborative Montessori School, in fact, reaching the level of Excellence with Distinction within the first year of offering the course.  In the 2011-2012 school  year Moving to Math students showed an increased fitness level as well.

Learning through movement will bring a captivating motivation to your classrooms this year. This will benefits your students and teachers academically and physically.

Download and print Kimberly’s information page. Lessons can be custom designed to meet any ODE Academic Content Standard.  Cost is negotiable.  One classroom teacher can make this happen.  Thank you for your consideration!

Hoping to see you in 2012-2013,


Fabulous NEW Venture!

I am getting so excited about the MOVING TO MATH program for this year.  There are only a few months until my workbook will be completed with new photographs.  As I’m planning for the photo-shoot – I brainstormed about WHO will be photographed.  There are some great ideas about this for sure because I know a lot of amazing dancers.  THEN – the thought occurred to me, “Kimberly, why don’t you select a Moving to Math team?”  There are movers every year that get it and are excited and they do it well!  These kids can actually travel and perform the knowledge too!!  I’m so excited.  I will do this!

Here are some fabulous results from last year as well!!! (Don’t worry, I’ll share more data along the way!) From this chart I know that the students who are at risk are becoming healthier.  However, the students that are already healthy, while they have enjoyed the class and they have increased academic scores (more coming on that as well), they didn’t experience increased fitness.  That’s okay, at this juncture.  I will find additional ways to train them too!

This table shows the resting heart rate of new movement students in February and then the ending resting heart rate in May.

The Yellow Class

Starting                     Finishing

Good            60-69



Average       70-79



Fair               80-89



Poor             >89


Please pass along the word that I’m scheduling visits with K-6th graders.  If you know a teacher that would like to have her class experience MOVING TO MATH!  Please let me know!

Recapping the Summer

This Summer offered a variety of stamina building and endurance training.  While the heat was a bummer to most Ohioans…the dancers can stretch farther and train better in the heat.  This was something I looked forward to each day.


In the beginning of the summer I met up with Lighthouse Ministries in S.E. Canton to launch their staff with MOVING TO MATH curricula and training.  This went well.  Best part – I have a full draft completed for my Math workbook.  Now, to get good photos this year! 

I hope to begin training teachers at the end of this school year.  That would be May 2013.  The fitness element is the most exiting part to me.  The results from last year’s students math proficiency and fitness assessments were good.  You can look forward to a full post on that soon.


  This choreography experience is one that I’ve come to love.  It’s all out live musical theatre.  The kids learn to work hard from 9am-4pm.  We enjoy their company from 8-5pm.  Then, in a short 2 weeks time they learn an entire musical review.

This year it was themed: RADIO.  The time – tune – travelers pop in and out of radio decades to bring audience members along.  Everything from Jenny’s 867-5309 to War of the Worlds.  All kids. Voguing and Kung Fu Fighting.


Immediately following KID camp – I drove down through the beautiful landscape of Atwood Lake Region in Ohio to Camp Neosa.  It is so very beautiful.  There, I met 12 art conservation dance students.  The instructor Jackie Hemming has been faithfully teaching them and boy, could they groove.  They have strong ideas about dance – which I LOVE.  The technique class was a challenge, as always, for expressive dancers.  But, I saw my favorite action.  I love that moment when the dancer discovers that the study of technique is created for them to reach their vision.  I look forward to an exciting future for these students.


This year instead of PRINCESS CAMP…I chose to launch the summer dance camp.  It’s not that I got tired of pink…but I believed it was time.  The students ranged from age 3-15.  Classes in technique were given and also Hip-Hop.  Students learned about DIRECTIONAL DANCES.  There is actually a movement scale designed by Rudolf Laban.  Similarly to DO, RAE, ME, FA, SO, LA, TE, DO…Up, Down, Side,Side, Front, Back, and Diagonal.

What’s NEXT??

It is that time again!  Time to gear up for the school year to begin.  My plans are to continue at Akron Public Schools with the after-school Hip-Hop Dance Classes.  I expect great things from myself this Fall as a teaching artist.  It is time to book your classroom!!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great time with Back To School!

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